Strategic Dialogue

Emotionally guide people through pre-planned conversations
Written by Don Bosco
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The Strategic Dialogue feature in the Persona app allows you to guide users through an emotional journey, encouraging them to take desired actions through incremental steps. This feature is particularly effective in selling, customer support, and engagement, as it fosters natural, relatable conversations that gradually build the user's interest, trust and understanding.

Step 1: Accessing the Strategic Dialogue Tab

  1. Open the Persona App: Launch the Persona app on your device.
  2. Navigate to the Strategic Dialogue Tab: Click on the "Strategic Dialogue" tab from the left sidebar menu.

Step 2: Creating a New Strategic Dialogue Flow

Adding a New Flow

  1. Click "Add a New Flow": In the top right corner of the Strategic Dialogue screen, click the "Add a New Flow" button.

Filling Out the Strategic Dialogue Form

  1. Flow Title: Enter a title for your strategic dialogue flow that clearly describes its purpose.

  2. Use This Everywhere: Check this box if you want the flow to be applicable everywhere. If you want to restrict the flow to specific pages, leave this box unchecked and specify the pages you want this flow to be active on.

  3. Scenario: Describe the scenario in which this flow will be used. For example, "We are dealing with BHuman customers who need help using our platform."

  4. Checkpoints: Add one or more checkpoints that guide the user through the desired journey.

    • Checkpoint #1: Describe the first step in the journey. For example, "Answer the customer's questions, help them get value out of BHuman. Give them ideas for use cases based on their business."
    • Add Another Checkpoint: Click to add more checkpoints if needed.
  5. Final Goal: Define the final goal you want to achieve with this flow. For example, "Get them helped, excited about, and happy with BHuman."

  6. Additional Instructions: Provide any additional instructions for the Persona to follow during this flow. For example, "End all emails with: 'Written by Don's Persona, if you'd like to talk to a human for more hands-on help, please initiate a live chat with us here:'. If you cannot help with something or are not confident, say that you will mark this for a human on the team to check and confirm."

  1. Click "Save": After filling out the form, click the "Save" button to create the flow.

Step 3: Managing Strategic Dialogue Flows

Viewing and Editing Flows

  1. View Flows: The main area of the Strategic Dialogue tab displays all your flows with their titles, scenarios, and final goals.
  2. Edit or Delete Flows: Use the pencil icon to edit a flow or the trash bin icon to delete it.

Step 4: Using Strategic Dialogue Flows

Applying Flows to Specific Pages

  1. Specific Pages: If you want a strategic dialogue flow to be used only on specific pages, ensure the "Use This Everywhere" box is unchecked.
  2. Assign Pages: Specify the pages where the flow should be applied during the flow creation or editing process.

Monitoring and Optimizing

  1. Review Performance: Regularly review the performance of your strategic dialogue flows to ensure they are effectively guiding users towards the desired actions.
  2. Update Flows: Make necessary updates to the checkpoints, final goals, or additional instructions to optimize the effectiveness of your flows.


The Strategic Dialogue feature in Persona allows you to craft thoughtful, step-by-step guidance for users, enhancing engagement and driving desired actions. By creating tailored flows for different scenarios and pages, you can ensure your Persona delivers personalized and impactful interactions.

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