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Managing Emails with Persona Mail

The Persona Mail feature in the Persona app allows your Persona to handle email communications, ensuring timely and efficient responses. Here's a guide on how to configure and manage your email settings using Persona Mail.

Step 1: Accessing the Email Tab

  1. Open the Persona App: Launch the Persona app on your device.
  2. Navigate to the Email Tab: Click on the "Email" tab from the left sidebar menu.

Step 2: Configuring Email Accounts

Adding a New Email Account

  1. Click "+ Add New": In the "Receive Through" section, click the "+ Add New" button to configure a new email account.
  2. Add Sender Configuration:
    • Select a Provider: Choose your email provider from the list (e.g., Gmail, iCloud Mail, Outlook, Others).
    • Sender Name and Email: Enter the name and email address of the sender.
    • SMTP Settings: Enter the SMTP server details, username, app password, and port.

  1. Add Forwarder:
    • Email Address: Enter the email address to configure email forwarding.
    • Select Provider: Choose the email provider and follow the instructions to set up email forwarding.

  1. Save Settings: Click "Continue" to save the new sender and forwarder configuration.

Email Configuration

  1. When I Receive Mail With: Select the email address that will receive emails.
  2. I Will Reply With: Select the email address that will be used to send replies.
  3. When to Reply: Choose the reply speed. Options include:
    • ASAP: Immediately
    • Very Fast: 10-15 minutes delay
    • Fast: 35-60 minutes delay
    • Normal: 180-360 minutes delay
    • Slow: 1-2 days delay
    • Save as Draft: Save the email as a draft for review before sending

Save Configuration: Click "Save" to apply the settings.

Step 3: Managing Email Replies

Setting Reply Rules

  1. Click "Reply Rules": In the top right corner of the Email tab, click the "Reply Rules" button.

  1. Email Settings: Create rules for which emails Persona should not reply to.
    • Add New Rule: Click "Add new rule" and specify conditions such as sender email or subject keywords.
    • Save Rules: Click "Save" to store the reply rules.

Viewing and Managing Drafts

  1. Drafts Section: In the Inbox section, select "Drafts" to view all saved drafts.
  2. Review and Send: Click on a draft to review its contents. You can choose to:
    • Send: Send the email as it is.
    • Edit and Send: Make any necessary edits before sending.

Monitoring Scheduled Emails

  1. Scheduled Section: In the Inbox section, select "Scheduled" to view all scheduled emails.
  2. Manage Scheduled Emails: Review the scheduled emails to ensure they are set to be sent at the appropriate times.

Step 4: Using Multiple Accounts

  1. All Accounts Dropdown: Use the dropdown menu to switch between different email accounts.
  2. Search Email: Use the search bar to find specific emails across all configured accounts.


Persona Mail simplifies your email communications by allowing your Persona to handle replies based on predefined configurations and rules. Whether you need to add new email accounts, set reply rules, or manage drafts, this guide provides the necessary steps to ensure smooth email management. Enjoy the efficiency and convenience of having your Persona manage your email communications.

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