Custom Pronunciations

Adjust the way your Persona says certain words
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The Pronunciations feature in the Persona app allows you to update and customize how your Persona pronounces specific words. This is especially useful for names, brands, or any terms that have unique pronunciations.

Step 1: Accessing the Pronunciations Tab

  1. Open the Persona App: Launch the Persona app on your device.
  2. Navigate to the Pronunciations Tab: Click on the "Pronunciations" tab from the left sidebar menu.

Step 2: Adding or Updating Pronunciations

Initiating the Pronunciation Form

  1. Click "Add New Pronunciation": In the Pronunciations tab, click the "Add New Pronunciation" button to create a new entry.

![Add New Pronunciation Button](insert image link here)

Filling Out the Pronunciation Form

  1. Word: Enter the word that needs a custom pronunciation.

    • Example: OuiShopp
  2. Phonetic Pronunciation: Enter the phonetic pronunciation of the word.

    • Example: We Shop

  1. Save the Pronunciation: Click the "Save" button to add the new pronunciation to your Persona's database.

Step 3: Managing Pronunciations

Viewing Pronunciations

  1. Pronunciations List: All added pronunciations will appear in the main area of the Pronunciations tab.
  2. Search for Pronunciations: Use the search bar to find specific words and their pronunciations.

Editing or Deleting Pronunciations

  1. Edit Pronunciation: Click the pencil icon next to a word to edit its pronunciation.
  2. Delete Pronunciation: Click the trash can icon next to a word to delete its entry.

Example Custom Pronunciation


  • Word: OuiShopp
  • Phonetic Pronunciation: We Shop

This ensures that whenever your Persona mentions OuiShopp, it will be pronounced correctly as We Shop.


The Pronunciations feature in the Persona app is a powerful tool to ensure that your Persona communicates clearly and accurately, especially with unique or non-standard terms. By customizing pronunciations, you enhance the overall interaction quality and user experience.

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