How to integrate with Zapier, and use your free BHuman Zapier account.
Written by Don Bosco
Updated 4 months ago

With Zapier, you can connect BHuman to over 5,000 apps.

As part of the Growth, Scale and Ultimate package, BHuman provides you a paid Zapier account for free! It's included as part of your plan.

Whether it's your favorite CRM or eCommerce platform, Zapier enables you to build complex workflows in just a couple clicks. This gives you the ability to send personalized videos when your customers take action, like signing up for your newsletter, abandoning cart or creating an appointment. Whatever the case may be, this is where BHuman shines! Better yet, it makes your business shine!

Once you're done with recording your video and editing your transcription, BHuman will ask you how you want to generate your videos.

Select Zapier from the menu and get started.

Or, go to our Automations app and build your Zap with a paid Zapier account courtesy of BHuman:

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