What are variables?

All about personalizing your speech with variables.
Written by Don Bosco
Updated 4 months ago

Variables are the words in your script that our AI will personalize. Variables are words like 'company', 'name', or 'brand'.

For example, in the phrases "Hi name" or "We see potential in company", 'name' and 'company' are both variables. These variables can be created by highlighting them in the transcription window, like so:

Now, even though name is our variable, our AI will replace more than just name, it will also replace some of the words around your variable, in order to make the video flow and sound natural. We call this a variable phrase.

A variable phrase is marked by pauses in your speech. See those little dots on your transcription window? That denotes a pause.

For best results, you want your variable phrase to be as short as possible.

When you record your video, pause before and after each phrase. For example: "Hi Alex....pause....I am reaching out because I was checking out your website and love what you've done.... pause.... We see potential in Store....pause...."

In the above script, the AI will generate and replace you saying the entire phrases. For example, Hi Alex and We see potential In Starbucks would both be generated and replaced in your speech.

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