Manually record variables

Don't want the AI to clone your voice? Manually record variables instead.
Written by Don Bosco
Updated 4 months ago

Our latest update brings you the ability to manually record your variables. This increases the level of personalization as the voice matches throughout the video. To manually record your variables, create a new campaign (either by recording a new video or choosing our community templates).

At the campaign builder page, select the option "record voice manually" and click on "generate videos."

You will now see a window that says "Select Actor" where you can choose your profile and begin recording. BHuman will display each variable with a big record button underneath it. Click the red button to start recording. Simply read the phrases shown on the screen with the same microphone and similar tone of voice as your initial recording.

Your recordings will be saved under the actor you selected, so if you ever need to use them again for the same variables, you won't have to record them again.

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