How to send a video over email with Zapier

Written by Don Bosco
Updated 4 months ago

In this example, we'll use Gmail as the sending app. In the Body Type field, select HTML and paste this code.

<p>Hey FIRST_NAME,</p> Thanks for your interest, I wanted to reach out with an impromptu video message to say hi! <p><a href="VIDEO_URL"><img alt="" height="180px" src="THUMBNAIL" width="320px" /></a></p> <a href="VIDEO_URL">Watch here</a> <p>Talk soon,<p> <Don>

Replace "THUMBNAIL and VIDEO_URL with the tags from BHuman Generate a Video step. This will embed your video as an image with a link in the email. You can replace FIRST_NAME and other tags which you can add with data from other steps. From there, you can make additional changes to your messaging and publish your Zap.

Note: When you test the email sending in Zapier, you'll get a blank video thumbnail and link. Don't worry, this is normal! Videos will generate and embed properly once you publish the Zap.

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