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Written by Don Bosco
Updated 4 months ago

Does BHuman work in other languages?

Yes, you can use BHuman in any language. The only caveat is voice cloning is currently only available in English. So, you'll need to record your variables manually. As a workaround, some customers start their videos off with “Hey Name” and then continue in their own language. For example, “Hello Michele, mi chiamo….” As long as the variable highlighted is recorded in English, you can speak in any language for the rest of the video.

How does the Zapier connection work?

Please see the tutorial here.

Why does my generated video look bad?

There are a variety of reasons why your videos might not be up to par. Please follow these guidelines, and you'll get amazing results every-time:

  • Record or upload in high resolution

  • Be at least 3 feet away from the camera

  • Record in soft, diffused light

  • Leave spaces around your variable phrases

My video is not uploading.

Please compress your videos to under 200mb and make sure the video is an mp4 file. Here's a free compression tool we recommend.

Why is my video flickering?

Most likely, this is because your video has irregular dimensions. For best results, please use either: 1920x1080 (horizontal landscape), or 640x1138 (vertical portrait)

Can I use BHuman for cold emails?

Absolutely, our personalized videos are a great way to start relationships with new leads or potential customers. Users see their click-through rate increase by more than 593%, when compared to text-based emails.

What’s the max duration of videos I can upload?

We don't monitor video duration at all, but please keep video size under 60mb.

What does 200 videos a month mean?

You can create 200 personalized videos a month, meaning, 200 renders that are personalized. However, you can have as many template videos as you’d like, that does not affect billing. For more details, please see here.

Are APIs included in the platform?

You can use Zapier in the platform. APIs are an “enterprise” feature, but we can set it up for you no problem via our professional services team. Simply shoot us an email at with your use-case and we'll give you a quote.

Is BHuman a web application? Is there an app?

BHuman is a platform on the web that allows you to generate personalized videos at scale. For the best experience, we recommend using the Google Chrome browser.

How do I become an affiliate?

You can sign up to become an affiliate here:

How do I sign up for a paid plan?

To upgrade your plan, go into your account settings > plans and usage > select which plan you’d like to upgrade.

Where do I view my generated videos?

You can view your videos by going to the “AI Studio” home page and clicking onto the Folder icon. From here, navigate to the project you generated videos from. Then, go to the Spreadsheet and you'll see the links and thumbnails columns on the right. Please note that videos generated from Zapier or API won't appear here -- only videos generated from the Spreadsheet will appear here.

How long will it take for my video to process?

Videos will take about 2-3 minutes per video depending on its size and length. However, it quickly scales, so 10,000 videos only takes about 2 hours. We will be decreasing the time drastically as we improve our servers.

Does BHuman integrate with Shopify?

Yes! Using the Zapier app, you’re able to connect BHuman with Shopify.

How can I generate my API Keys for Zapier?

In the Settings page, navigate to Zapier. Then, click “generate new api key." The keys will then appear, which you can copy and paste into Zapier.

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